To me, photography is a chance to show a perception of a moment in time, never to be repeated.

That is one of the beautiful truths of photography. No matter what you see through the lens and capture, it can never be truly repeated.

My father taught me to love photography, and how to appreciate the small moments around me that nature and humans have created. I have been fortunate to travel around the world a number of times and when something called out to me, or made me notice something a little different around, I generally had a camera close to hand to capture that moment.

I have such a magpie eclectic interest in the things around and I hate making a decision to focus on one single thing. This is why I love photographing sport, performances and the world around.

From a small Pentax Optio S4 and a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot, to my first Canon DSLR, what is shown here is a small selection of those moments.

My work has been selected for exhibitions in my home, Australia and overseas - at Art ATHINA. I look forward to sharing more of my view of the world around with everyone.


Nikki Johnson